Garden Crucifix

On a recent trip to France I was very interested to see the following sight in a small town.
Crucifixes are of course often to be seen in churches, while in countries such as France they are also quite common at roadsides, especially at junctions (crossroads?).
This particular example however seems to be in the front garden of a very ordinary house. And it’s so BIG.
In this incongruous setting the bizarre brutality of the Christian motif seems to be particularly noticeable – something that can be overlooked in a conventional religious setting such as a church where the image is degraded to a symbol.

(By the way, I’m actually a big fan of religious art, especially medieval Christian art, some examples of which can be very brutal indeed. This particular crucifix is a very crude example of the genre, however it’s specifically the setting that makes it so interesting.)

A giant crucifix in an ordinary garden in France

A close-up of the crucifix


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