DNA – the ladder up which life climbs

A cartoon that I drew on the subject of dna.

DNA as a ladder

The fact that dna looks a bit like a cross between a spiral staircase and a ladder is irresistible to us cartoonists.

If you want to use this cartoon please click the link to my cartoon site, at the top of the sidebar on the right. Thanks.



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3 responses to “DNA – the ladder up which life climbs

  1. Hello
    i liked your cartoon a lot. i ws wondering what would it take for you to give us permission to use a spanish version of this in advertising campaign?

  2. Sounds interesting.
    For my normal licensing rates please have a look on my web site at http://www.chrismadden.co.uk/cartoons/top-level-pages/cartoon-pricing.html . If you want to use it in a specialised advertising campaign you might find the information you need under the category: Printed Use in Promotional & Advertising Material.
    If the campaign is aimed at the public please contact me via my web site for a quote.

  3. priya

    dear sir/madam

    i am a student. i would like to ues ur cartoon for my presentation.

    so i need ur permisiion for that
    thank u

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