Darwin v God chess game cartoon

This is a detail from a cartoon that I drew recently for BBC Focus magazine, to illustrate an article by Richard Dawkins titled “How To Win An Argument With a Creationist”.

Here’s the complete illustration:

Darwin vs God illustration

Darwin vs God illustration




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7 responses to “Darwin v God chess game cartoon

  1. Timothy

    Both men are down to their Kings.
    Kings cannot put each other in check, therefore cannot checkmate.
    So there can be no argument.

    Obviously trying to argue is pointless. But only one side will understand this.

  2. Hi Timothy.
    You’re absolutely correct.
    When I first drew the cartoon I only had in mind the concept of the two parties challenging each other on the chess board, with the reason for only having the two pieces being nothing more than visual clarity and impact. I could have added a few more pieces – perhaps bishops on the God side and little versions of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens etc on Darwin’s, but it would have looked superficially confusing.
    The fact that the game was thus impossible to resolve is an inadvertent extra layer of meaning, which pleased me quite a lot. I assumed that most people wouldn’t think the concept through and notice it.
    The creation of inadvertent meaning in things (such as this image) is an important concept in itself, and is central to any debate about the meaning of life and religion.
    The image also contains the paradox that the players seem to be under the impression that there’s going to be an outcome to the game. Paradox is pretty important in life too.

    See – now I’m reading more into my own work than I actually put into it!
    (Oh, and I do think that there’ll be a resolution to the debate, so maybe the whole image is nonsense.)

  3. Paige

    I acually found a way to connect God and Darwin. I also believe that Adam and Eve were cro-magnons (a type of caveman). And who were Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens?

  4. If there is a battle between God and Darwin and the Darwinists say that God does not exist, the same battle is overwhelming evidence that the Darwinists have already defeated 🙂

    Se c’è una battaglia tra Dio e Darwin, ed i darwinisti dicono che Dio non esiste, la stessa battaglia è la prova schiacciante che i darwinisti sono già sconfitti 🙂

  5. Don Boyd

    Another great cartoon!

    My observation is that the Darwinist is obviously on his 4rth or 5th round of hard liquor and is smiling because he really thinks he can outmanouver his opponent. I’m not sure why the creationist is so glum unless he is only drinking lemon juice and realizes that this is a completely pointless game and it has gone on far too long already.

  6. James The "Pagan"

    What I’m noticing is that nobody here except Timothy understands what they’re looking at and refuse to listen the artist as to what he posted as to the meaning of this illustration… Either that or he used too many big words and you simply lack the capacity to fully understand him. Therefore I shall translate: The real argument is over opinion, and therefore there really is no point to it. The only sad thing is there IS a point to the Atheist being pissed off, and alot of people DON’T know it. It’s nothing that the general religious individual has done, but the zealots that think they have to push their views and OPINIONS on others. Here’s what you need to know about why Atheists actually care about religion.

    The funniest thing is your finding this out from what you would call a Pagan. Do you know where that term came from? I await your answer, and do hope you answer truthfully instead of looking it up online just to try to justify yourself somehow, though sadly I feel I am going to be sincerely disappointed :/

  7. Michael

    Unfortunately there is a resolution to this argument and it is growing closer and closer to the pivitol point at which darwin will have to be completely extinguished. There is so much stacking facts against darwin that it takes more blind faith to believe in darwinism then to believe in a creator. Unfortunately people are too caught up in the implications of this they won’t accept the fact that there is no other answer.

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