Cartoon event; 6th April 2009: Posy Simmonds and Steve Bell talk to William Feaver

I’m hoping that anyone who reads this blog has at least a passing liking for cartoons (seeing as how I’m a cartoonist by trade).
Therefore you may be interested in the following event if you find yourself in London on the evening of Monday 6th April 2009.
William Feaver (author of Masters of Caricature) is talking to two of Britain’s best cartoonists, Posy Simmonds and Steve Bell, at an event in the new cultural complex of Kings Place at King’s Cross (The Kings Place development includes the new offices of the Guardian newspaper for which Steve Bell works and for which Posy Simmonds used to work.)
Steve’s work is very political, very vicious and very irreverent – and the original artwork is surprisingly tiny bearing in mind the fact that he’s such a large man with such a large amount of rage.
Posy’s work is almost too sublime to be described in words. At least by me.

A quick footnote for any readers who get apoplectic about apostrophes: Kings Place is apostropheless while King’s Cross isn’t. I’ve checked (because I’m just like you).


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