How Different Book Cover Designs Give Books Different Feels

Following my previous post concerning the similarity between the cover designs of my recently released book and the popular science book by Christopher Potter (which also coincidentally has the same name as this blog, You Are Here), I thought that it may be a good idea to exhibit a small selection of other designs that I came up with for my cover (and finally rejected).
I rejected the first one because it has something of the feel of a self-help publication, or perhaps a religious publication, about it, which I wouldn’t want it to be mistaken for (although I’m quite happy for it to be read by people who like to read either of those types of book of course). The second design simply looks suspiciously like the cover of a book published by a spiritual cult, possibly under the guise of a serious inquiry into the meaning of life. It looks a little too ‘pumped up’ for me. The third, cosmic question mark, cover was rejected because it looks too much like a generic cover for a book on its subject and it’s a little too self-important looking (I like the cosmic question mark itself very much indeed, but feel that it’s not quite right for this publication). The fourth, text-based cover makes the book look a bit too much like a popular title that’s trying to look more academic than it actually is, although I’m otherwise very keen on it (especially the lettering of the title itself with its differently sized and coloured letters, and the way that they naturally form a triangular shape).

More about my book here.


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