Where Are We, What Are We, Why Are We? Now Available!

At last, having started writing it more than ten years ago, my book on the rather grand subject of the nature of our place in the universe is finally available.

You can purchase it on your local Amazon. For instance, in the USA it’s here, in the UK it’s here, and in Canada it’s here.

The book is about how we perceive our place in the universe, both physically and psychologically, and why spiritual and religious beliefs come about as a result of this. The first draft of the book was written several years before such books as Richard Dawkins’ God Delusion came on the market and made the whole subject of the psychology of religion, God and atheism popular. When I submitted the first draft to publishers none of them were interested (One of them told me that it was very well written, but that they weren’t sure who the audience was going to be).

There’s more about the book here, including extracts.


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