Galileo Discusses His Discoveries with the Church: Cartoon

Here’s a cartoon that I drew a few years ago depicting the church’s attitude to the discoveries that Galileo made using his telescope.
This year (2009) is the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first observations of the sky using this new instrument, which had recently been invented in Holland. Galileo didn’t actually invent the telescope as is often assumed.
Not only did Galileo not invent the telescope, he wasn’t the only person at the time to point one at the sky, as you can discover by reading related posts by clicking the “Galileo” tag, below.

There’s more on how the use of telescopes affected our view of our place in the cosmos in my book, Where Are We, What Are We, Why Are We?. The relevant extract can be found here.



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8 responses to “Galileo Discusses His Discoveries with the Church: Cartoon

  1. Lauren

    I teach Astronomy and I would love to post your cartoon in my classroom. I would like your permission to post your cartoon.

  2. Chris Madden

    That’d be fine Lauren. I’ll send you a high resolution copy soon.

  3. Liz

    I will be discussing famous astronomers and their contributions to my 8th grades next week. May I use your cartoon as an intro to our dicussion?

  4. molly

    may i use your cartoon for my galileo report this half term?
    if possible i thank you greatly if this is possible.

  5. Chris Madden

    Hello Molly.
    Certainly. I’ll send you a high resolution copy.

  6. Nick

    I would love to include this in my research paper about Galileo. Do I have permission?

  7. A copy’s on its way.

  8. Olivia

    I would love to use your picture for a global project? Can i have your permission to use this picture?

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