What Karen Armstrong thinks of Richard Dawkins

Following on from my previous post – about Karen Armstrong – I must say that I haven’t been particularly happy with Ms Armstrong’s analysis of religion since I was shocked to hear her state in a radio interview a few years ago that the reason for 9.11 was that the Islamic world was annoyed with the west because of the anti-religious pronouncements of Richard Dawkins et al (She mentioned Richard Dawkins by name, and hinted at the existence of a group of other troublesome atheists). Richard Dawkins was responsible for the twin towers! I know that the man leaves himself open to a certain amount of criticism in some people’s eyes, but surely that’s going a little far.
At the time that I heard this somewhat unbalanced comment I was reading one of Armstrong’s books, Islam: A Short History, and was enjoying it very much as it seemed to be striving to present the religion in an even-handed way, which was unusual at the time. Following her Dawkins remark I decided that she strives to present religions even-handedly, but not their detractors. I stopped reading the book.


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