2009 Templeton Prize won by Professor of ‘Theatrical’ Physics

While on holiday in Ireland recently I came across a press cutting stating that the 2009 Templeton Prize had been won by Bernard d’Espagnat of the University of Paris Sud. The cutting stated that he’s a Professor of Theatrical Physics.
Is this proof that the Templeton Prize is all about suspension of disbelief?

The prize is awarded annually to a person who has, to quote from the prize’s website “devoted their talents to expanding our vision of ultimate purpose and reality”. The prize “celebrates … the quest for progress in humanity’s efforts to comprehend the many and diverse manifestations of the Divine”.

Unfortunately I can’t name and shame the newspaper that was responsible for this humorous editorial slip, as the cutting was too small (It was accompanying an art exhibition that included work by the artist who illuminates the Templeton Prize’s certificates).

More about the Templeton Prize


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