Higgs boson cartoon. Alien visiting earth cartoon

higgs boson flying saucer cartoon

The tentative discovery in 2012 of the elusive Higgs boson (the sometimes-called “God particle”) is a very good reminder of the huge divergence in achievement attained by different sectors of the human race. I’m never sure how much of this divergence is due to culture and how much to innate intelligence (The same old nature versus nurture debate).

In this cartoon an alien from an advanced alien civilisation has come to Earth to ask us to join an advanced intergalactic federation of civilised planets. The disparity between well educated and under educated members of (western) society is pointed out by the fact that the alien mistakenly assumes that the youths (or hoodies) whom he first encounters are representative of the same sector of human culture as the scientists who discovered the Higgs boson.


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