My cartoon in Prospect magazine, January 2013

Here’s a cartoon of mine that is published in next month’s issue of Prospect magazine (Feb 2013).
The cartoon is a comment on the increasingly bizarre shapes of skyscrapers and other buildings as building techniques allow for more innovation in design (which in the hands of less talented architects can be a curse).

architecture cartoon

I quite like innovative architecture myself. Almost every day I go for a walk in my local park in north London (Alexandra Park) from where I’m treated to a superb view of the London skyline. Here’s the view in the photo below. I actually thought up the cartoon above while looking at the view below.
Over the last twenty years I’ve seen the entire cityscape change – first with the building of 1 Canada Square (Canary Wharf), then 30 St Mary Ax (the Gherkin) and now the Shard. In the photo the Shard is still under constrtuction, and therefore lacks its trademark pointiness.

London skyline

More about Prospect magazine.


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