New BBC 3 logo criticised

The new logo for BBC 3 (shown below) has been criticised for supposedly not including the number 3.




Personally I like the logo.
To me the number 3 is clearly there in the form of the Roman III. The fact that the final digit is also an exclamation mark is a clever typographical trick, not a design blunder. It might have been a blunder a few decades ago, when the design would possibly have been interpreted as II!, but in these days of hybrid symbols I’m not so sure, especially when it’s viewed at the very small size that it’s designed to be viewed at (unlike here).
The three digits of the Roman III also echo the three squares of the BBC logo above, creating a nice unity.

The design contains something of the concept of modifying digits to convey a message within the digits themselves. In this case that BBC 3 is fun and youthful.

Another example of this style of typography is the logo for Channel 4 Plus One, the version of Channel 4 that is broadcast an hour after the original. Its logo, shown below, consists of a plus sign and the number one that can also be read as a subtle number 4.





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