Professional cartoonist and illustrator: Chris Madden


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My name’s Chris Madden. That’s me in the photo below.
Chris Madden photo

I’m a professional cartoonist, occasional writer and even more occasional photographer. On this site you’ll find examples of all three disciplines. Along with some random undisciplined stuff of other types.

The cartoons range from the profound to the ridiculous. Some of the profound cartoons come from the pages of Philosophy Now magazine, on which I’m the resident cartoonist. Some of the ridiculous ones come from there too. That’s the nature of philosophy.
Sticking with the profound, or at least serious, cartoons for a moment, there are quite a few on the subject of the environment and the way that it’s suffering under the onslaught of human activity. To me that’s about the most serious subject that there is right now, mainly because if we don’t do something about it soon we’ll be going to hell in a handcart before the century’s out. A book of my environmental cartoons, When Humans Roamed the Earth, was published by WWF (The World Wildlife Fund) in 1991. There’s another book of my environment cartoons available by clicking the Books button on the right.
Needless to say, I don’t draw serious cartoons all of the time. I take a break from the weightier subjects of life by tackling a spot of gardening – in the form of cartoons on the subject. My gardening cartoons appeared for many years in the Irish Sunday Independent newspaper (Ireland’s highest selling Sunday paper). There’s a book of my gardening cartoons available by clicking the Books button.
My cartoons appear in various magazines such as Private Eye, Prospect, the Spectator and the Oldie. For several years I was resident cartoonist for the BBC science magazines Focus and Knowledge. For quite a few years in the 1980s and 1990s I was a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper and also designed information graphics for the Press Association.
You can see lots more of my cartoons on my other, exclusively cartoon based site by clicking the link in the right sidebar.
My cartoons have put in brief appearances in feature films and on television. The film The Iron Lady, about Margaret Thatcher, featured a placard wielded by demonstrators that depicted a caricature of Mrs Thatcher as The Mad Axewoman. Framed prints of my cartoons also adorn the walls in a scene in the Channel 4 thriller Utopia.

As well as producing cartoons I’ve written articles for a number of publications on subjects ranging from the nature of art galleries to the evolution of humour (remember, I’m the resident cartoonist on Philosophy Now magazine). I’ve also written a book about the nature of the universe and our perception of our place in it. A pretentious subject, yes. It’s called Where Are We, What Are We, Why Are We? And Why Do We Want To Know?. A snappy title.
The writing on this site leans heavily towards the subjects of the visual arts, the sciences and philosophy. With maybe a few other random subjects thrown in when the urge takes me.

I live in London near Alexandra Palace (not a real palace, actually a huge Victorian exhibition centre on the top of a hill), where I walk every day admiring the fine view of the city. Here’s a photo of a small part of the view.

London from Alexandra Palace


4 responses to “Professional cartoonist and illustrator: Chris Madden

  1. Dear Chris Madden, I’ve purchased one of your cartoons (about the Turing test) from cartoon for use in my book on the history of math (forthcoming, Princeton University Press). I want to send you a copy of the page layout and ask you a question about it. Can you give me an address to which I can email the layout. Thanks, Lynn Gamwell

  2. Anthea Howard

    Dear Chris Madden
    I edit our gardening club newsletter (about 80 members) and wondered if I could print one of your gardening cartoons in the next edition
    thank you
    Anthea Howard

  3. Trying to contact Chris Madden. Please can I use one of your cartoons in a small section of my graphic about Saudi Arabia? It’s for my website The site gets no funding at all. I give full attribution on the graphic. If I find you on Twitter I will post the graphic concerned.

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