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Reflections on experimental typography

I’m doing a bit of experimental typography at the moment. Here’s an example.
It’s a typographical experiment using the word ‘typography’ as the subject, fittingly, and is prompted by my interest in perception, interpretation of visual stimuli and optical illusions.
I’ve taken the word TYPOGRAPHY, in a suitably bold and severe typeface, and reflected it, fusing the reflections of the letters with the letters themselves to create new, more complex shapes. But as well as that I’ve flipped each letter round so that the letters themselves are reversed.
Because of the way that the eye scans images and the brain interprets shapes, the letters can still be interpreted properly, and the word ‘typography’ can be easily read (I hope). This is helped by the fact that more than half of the letters in the work TYPOGRAPHY are symmetrical, so the brain gets a cue from them as to what the word is without it having to do too much work.

Typography reflected


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